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A few images from the pulps I picked up at an estate sale.

Listerine to guard against Infection Dandruff!
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to the best 120 photos

The last photo on that page is the first taken, and so on back through them. If you hit slideshow, you'll have to change the options to reverse direction, and then scroll to start at the very last (i.e. first) picture. Or failing that, just pretend my trip went the other way.
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2012 Danube River Cruise

452 photos. So far with captions through Budapest.

Still to come:

-remaining captions
-bestof tag
-travel journal

ETA: Video of the Astronomical Clock in Prague striking the hour.
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And thanks to [ profile] richardabecker for bringing this to my attention.

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Mitchum gets 2 months for marijuana.
Lila Leeds seems more concerned.
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LA just before WWII. Nice shot of Westwood when the Ralphs was a Ralphs. The photos were taken for an article on the aviation industry in LA, so note the Lockheed building in the shot of the train. I think that's the Skunk Works before the Skunk Works were the Skunk Works. Skunk Works.

Olympic Trailer Park, Santa Monica. Then...

and the Village Trailer Park now:

"Built in the mid-20th century as a camp for vacationers and weekend beach visitors, the 109-space Village Trailer Park just might give way in the name of progress.

The owner wants to redevelop the nearly 4-acre site with residential units, offices and shops. But tenants have urged the city to consider buying the property, valued at as much as $30 million.

Longtime residents and other community activists are pleading with the city to deflect developers and preserve the quiet outpost off Colorado Avenue."
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Yes, I'm only posting these because they remind my of my icon.


Dec. 1st, 2011 01:24 pm
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The rent sign out front of the office building snapped a leg.

Also, the bosslady (who works late) was here when the lights went out around LAX. She stumbled around in the dark, and managed to maul the doorblinds like a cat on nip trying to find the keyhole, so she could go out and get the flashlight in her car. Poor thing.
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I'm a big fan of Academy Award winning documentarian Errol Morris, so I was curious to see his book, Believing is Seeing.

The book comprises a half dozen or so intense investigations into a particular photograph. The questions that preoccupy him are "What can be learned from the photograph?" and "Is the photograph true?"

This inevitably leads to the question, "What the heck does it mean for a photo to be true?" Or fake, or false? Sometimes, but only seldom, this winds up being dormroom philosophy; other times it's really quite thought-provoking. And some of the research involved is something only a monomaniacal madman would attempt, like travelling to the Crimea to find the exact location where a photo from the Crimean War had been taken 150 years ago. The same kind of monomania shown by his subjects in Fast, Cheap and Out of Control.

It looks like these may all have been essays written originally for the NYT, so you can possibly read them all online. One example is the Mickey Mouse in Rubble, taken by Ben Curtis, showing the toy in the street after an Israeli airstrikes against Hezbollah in Tyre, Lebanon.

At the time, I can remember there were lots of accusations of shenanigans. That the photo had been staged, the toy moved, etc. Morris interviews the photographer extensively, and he seems honest and straightforward and believable. But that's almost the least important part of the story.

The people who reacted so violently against the photo were not so much reacting against the particular pattern of colored dots, as against the meaning of the photo. Let's stipulate that the camera accurately recorded the unmolested scene. As I say, that's the least important part of the controversy.

People were upset that the photo was lying, because it implied that Israel had killed Lebanese children. That it is anti-Israeli propaganda.

Is that what the photo is saying?

Furthermore, did detractors of the photo actually know whether or not children were killed in the atttack? Does that even matter, when discussing whether the photo is real or 'fake'? If a child had been injured but not killed, would that make the photo slightly more true?

Morris shows that the same photo was used in an op/ed piece that made the point that Hezbollah was very wicked to use human shields. So is it anti-Israeli propaganda, or anti-Hezbollah propaganda?

It's an interesting and very visual book; a nice melding of scientific/historical research and artistic examination.
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The flickr page for Nightmares Fear Factory, a haunted house outfit, taking beeeyootiful pictures of its patrons. Note my new SAN loss icon.
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From Public Photos

This is basically how Chris drove throughout the night.

From Public Photos

There were a couple cars jacked up on hydraulics near the Museum of Death.

From Public Photos

If the sun were directly overhead, this tree would keep the smallest park in Los Angeles County in shade.
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A mere 132 pictures of the Best of Peru 2011.


Jul. 5th, 2011 06:05 pm
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For the diehards (aka [ profile] richardabecker) 427 photos of the trip to Peru, currently without captions or explanations. As and when, I'll provide commentary and a bestofperu tag to reduce the number of photos.


Apr. 6th, 2011 02:41 pm
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I considered photoshopping this into this, but I'd only feel bad about myself afterwards.
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New camera has Beauty Retouch Mode and makeup mode, if you happen to be so unlucky as to leave the house without your face on.
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Geraldine Doyle, 86, dies -- one-time factory worker inspired Rosie the Riveter and 'We Can Do It!' poster

"Smitten with the UPI photo, Miller reportedly was said to have decided to base one of his posters on the anonymous, slender metal worker - Mrs. Doyle."

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Smithsonian magazine's Indelible Images feature always has a nifty photograph to discuss. This month, it's like a blast from my past... a towheaded kid in plaid pants on a Big Wheel in a housing tract in the Bay Area in the early 70's. I'd like to think my face looked less murderous than this kid's, but that's really what makes this photo. It's like the ghost of the Wild West. Beautiful.
photo by Bill Owens )
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It would be easy to make fun of fatness or cosplay, but I wish to probe the philosophical question:

At what point does a photo of you become not a photo of you?

Here is a retouched photo of me from New Year's.


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